• Coach Jules

your gym comes to you

With COVID keeping gyms closed and people at home, the struggle of keeping all our gains is very real!!

How do I workout at home? Don't I need equipment? The atmosphere at home isn't near as motivational?

Then the dreaded statement.........I'm going to lose everything I've worked so hard for.

NOT TRUE!! At least it doesn't have to be true. YES, the gym atmosphere and equipment improves your ability to achieve your goals. Ultimately, the work is up to you. How hard you train is up to you. Further, you CAN use bodyweight, dumbbells, and bands to at least keep your strength and conditioning gains.

You can use water jugs, feed sacks, hay bales, and tires too.

KEEP your gains (or losses if its a weight loss deal) and keep your connection with your gym!

We put everything ONLINE!! Including our community. Message us and we'll send you at home workouts and nutrition tips - just like we do when we see your pretty faces.

Your gym misses you and we can't wait to have you back!!! UNTIL then.....we'll see you ONLINE

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